Green Aluminum for a more sustainable future.

With our Green Alumium approach, we not only create benefits for the world of tomorrow, but also for our partner companies. Get informed now!

 Material cycle.
 CO₂.

Kreislaufwirtschaft Green Aluminium ATW

Up to

95 %

Energy Savings.

Up to

92 %

CO₂ savings for recycled aluminum compared with new. 

We create benefits for the environment and our customers.

We pay

10 %

per kilogram more than the classic scrap dealer.


0 €.

We provide a container free of charge.

We take

100 %

of the powder-coated and painted scrap on equal terms.

We document the conversion of the scrap to the raw profile in a certificate . Use our seal for your Green Marketing .

We turn your scrap into new, high-quality aluminum profiles.

Do you process aluminum products?
Together we will become more sustainable: