XMini CNC milling machine made of carbon


With the X-Mini from Exechon, we are able to offer you a highly accurate & portable 5-axis CNC milling machine with the flexibility of a robot, which has many unique features that you have never seen before!

The X-Mini is so stable that drilling holes in titanium components with a diameter of 50 mm is no problem and this with a milling machine that weighs less than 20 tons and takes up very little space.

The application possibilities of the X-Mini are both fascinating and unique!


High speed



Advantages of the XMini for our customers

The X-Mini 5-axis CNC milling machine offers our customers several decisive advantages over conventional CNC milling machines. The X-Mini is an excellent option especially for companies that have high quality requirements combined with flexibility and speed. 

Cost-efficient and usually 25% faster than your current solution

no deburring necessary

No parts cleaning necessary, as mainly dry milling is performed

Creation of a measurement protocol during the milling process

Automatic adaptation/compensation of the CNC program (Auto CMM) following the ACTUAL milling data and the tolerances of the base material

Independent calibration after e.g. maintenance - no repair downtimes

Minimized downtime - no outside installers required

Panel processing, even with wavy panels within the required tolerances - example floor groups E-cars


The X-Mini is a next-generation robotic intelligent machine system that uses Parallel Kinematics Machining , or PKM, to support industrial automated manufacturing capabilities. As a stand-alone tool or as part of an existing production system, the X-Mini combines the flexibility and high dynamics of the articulated robot with the rigidity and accuracy of the rigid machine tool. The agile X-Mini offers full 5-axis capability with extreme acceleration and very high accuracy. Three linear actuators provide a strong, rigid and flexible frame. A flexible milling head allows operations at any angle. The milling head can even point backward toward itself, allowing operations on all sides of a complex part in a single setup. In addition, the X-Mini is the first modular machine ever built, and it can literally be broken down into 4 modules, each of which can be operated by one or two people.

Performance of the XMini

The XMini impresses not only with its high flexibility and precision, but also with its high performance potential.

Maximale Geschwindikeit X/Y/Z (m/min)


Max Acc. X/Y/Z (m/s²)
Max. Arbeitsbereich X/Y/Z
1200, 1300, 300
Leistung S1-100% (kW)
Torque S1-100% (Nm)
Leistung S6-40% (kW)
Torque S6-40% (Nm)
300 kg
Base Frame
X Frame Customized
Siemens 840D Solution Line

The XMini System

Through the extensions of the X-Mini systems, even complex wishes of our customers can be completed quickly and efficiently. The X-Mobile systems allows us a location independent production of your aluminum workpieces and a fast production even at peak capacity.Integration with automation is self-evident and realized by us in a total solution.A precise machining around the aluminum parts is guaranteed by XTurnSlide. Move now over the pictures to learn more about the CNC systems.


    Mobile with pallet stacker
  • 1500 mm z-axis45° & 90° configurable
  • integrated parts inspection
  • integrated MQL


  • One Setup
  • 6-Sites
  • up to 2000 mm parts
  • integrated parts inspection
  • integrated MQL

Learn more about XMini and experience them live:

You will receive more information about the areas of application of the XMini and the possibilities this opens up for you and your products. Afterwards, you will have the opportunity to make an appointment at our factory so that you can experience the XMini in action.