Aluminum profiles for mobile homes

For the use of aluminum profiles, we produce customer-oriented products for mobile homes. Aluminum is suitable both as exterior cladding and for the interior. The high corrosion protection not only serves as heat and UV protection, but also prevents the rapid rusting of components. For motorhome conversion, all components are cut to size, machined and assembled by ATW according to your specifications.

Sustainable Green Aluminum Profiles for RVs.

Sustainability is an important component for Aluminiumtechnik Weißenburg in the production of your profiles. Because aluminum is the material of the future in the mobile home industry. What will determine our future can be described with the keywords sustainability and environmental friendliness.

Here we explain why aluminum is revolutionizing the RV industry and to what extent aluminum profiles are "green".

The main criterion is the material properties. Both the weight and the material properties make aluminum a sustainable processing product for the automotive industry. Above all, the ultra-light material leads to improved energy efficiency and balance. But although aluminum is a so-called light metal, it still possesses exceptionally high strength and rigidity, which increases its range of applications and, not least, makes it easy to process. More important from an environmental point of view is the fact that aluminum can be fully recycled without any loss of quality. The light metal is therefore not only environmentally friendly, but also sustainable. Furthermore, aluminum impresses with its durability and low susceptibility to maintenance costs. The reason for this is its high inherent protection against corrosion. In direct contact with oxygen, the light metal is coated with an oxide layer, so that aluminum is not susceptible to corrosion. ATW anodizing processes and coatings can artificially strengthen this inherent protection and optimize the outer appearance.

Nachhaltige Green Aluminium Profile für Wohnmobile.

hohe Leistungsfähigkeit

verringerter Kraftstoffverbrauch

hohe Traglast



Perfected assembly and manufacturing processes

Our experts develop high-strength alloys in interaction with all manufacturing, assembly and machining processes. Extrusion, milling, bending and stamping are all part of our toolkit. To achieve the greatest possible efficiency, we make use of our state-of-the-art machinery. This guarantees not only the production of highly complex aluminum profiles with the lowest tolerances, but also a fast and highly individualized production of your aluminum profiles. We also offer small-volume production as well as assembly according to customer requirements. To ensure that your project is also professionally managed, we will support you in profile development and advise you on application.

Just in time delivery with ISO9001 certified quality

In line with our motto "Output today. Input tomorrow", we offer you a delivery that synchronizes with your needs. Just in time not only saves on warehousing, but also speeds up your manufacturing process. With ATW's Just in Time delivery service, you also reduce costs that would normally be spent on personnel, warehouses, and administration. ATW's Just in Time delivery service is your springboard to greater flexibility, increased liquidity, improved service and increased productivity. Become part of this new logistics concept and book this service now with your next delivery!

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