Aluminum profiles for buses

Transporting people goes hand in hand with a high level of responsibility. Stable and durable aluminum profiles contribute not only to the safety of buses, but also to the profitability for manufacturers and cities or municipalities! The application of aluminum profiles in buses is very diverse. Our aluminum components can be found in the cabin as well as in the chassis and drive.

Since a high level of industry expertise is often required in this area, ATW supports you with professional advice and accompanies you in achieving your goals of functional, sustainable bus production.

Increasing the value added in the production of buses.

Sustainability is an important component for us in the production of your aluminum profiles. Our material is a future-proof material that at the same time has a positive effect on the value chain in the production of our customers' buses. Thanks to its lightness, it helps reduce fuel consumption and makes an important contribution to climate protection. As a lightweight metal, however, it does not lose any of its strength and rigidity. Aluminum reduces maintenance costs and extends the service life of components through its own corrosion protection. Our anodizing process can artificially extend this protection.

Nachhaltige Green Aluminium Profile für Wohnmobile.

hohe Leistungsfähigkeit

verringerter Kraftstoffverbrauch der Busse

hohe Traglast und Sicherheit



Wide range of applications for bus manufacturers and suppliers.

Our experts at ATW develop individual aluminum profiles for your buses. We can rely on the most modern machines (bswp. xMini) and machining processes. Highly complex aluminum components with the smallest tolerances for your bus are easily and quickly available for us. This creates a wide range of possible applications for the components for bus manufacturers and suppliers.

Just in time delivery with ISO9001 certified quality

Our motto "Output today. Tomorrow Input" illustrates the synchronicity of our manufacturing and delivery with your bus production. Accelerate your bus manufacturing process while reducing storage, administrative and human resources and the associated costs. With our sophisticated logistics concept we increase your flexibility, productivity and liquidity.

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